Looking forward to 2021

Many activities are already planned


In 2021 we hope to be able to continue international projects and friendships in real. Many activities are already planned and some of them are already granted (yipii!):

Youth Exchange, “Her mit dem schönen Leben! Reflect our dreams, respect our diversity, embrace dignity for all”, Summer 2021 in Hamburg/Germany, hosted by e.p.a. Hamburg (granted).

Youth Exchange, “Vision 20/20: Challenging borders, creating opportunities and embracing solidarity”, Summer 2021 in Slovenia, hosted by Slovenska filantropija/Slovene Philanthropy (granted).

International Seminar “Koha për NISMA të reja! – Civic Education – chances and challenges for youth work in disadvantaged communities”, Autumn 2021 in Tirana/Albania, hosted by Nisma/Arsis Tirana (granted).

International Seminar “Up4Change,Down2Action – means, methods and motivation for new youth initiatives”, Autumn 2021 in Liverpool/UK, hosted by Up4Change/e.p.a.Liverpool (applied).

International Seminar “Spielräume – youth work creates open spaces for youth participation and learning democracy”, Summer 2021 in Berlin/Germany, hosted by Spielkultur Berlin-Buch (granted).
The preparatory meeting for the seminar in Berlin-Buch took place in September 2020. The project team was invited by Martyn and his team at Spielkultur Berlin-Buch to plan the programme together and to visit future places of the seminar: adventure playground Moorwiese and the youth centre Würfel – both being spaces with a great energy and hospitality!


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