Hope to Cope

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities. Today: Montse from ABC Alliantie Welzijn (Amsterdam)


How are you and your community? 

In general we are flexible, creative, and resilient. We allow ourselves every now and then to have a “down” day. 

What have you discovered during the last months? 

  • That there are many people willing to help. 
  • That beautiful, inspiring and heart-warming activities have taken place.
  • That to ask for help is a taboo for many people, especially those who led a “good life” before corona, but now feel lonely/have lost their jobs/are getting scared and somber about the future.
  • That corona increases the differences in society. 

What gives you hope?

Those people who care for each other and take action gives me hope. 

P.S. The picture is of a party that we organised as a tribute to a volunteer. Our request was granted and she got a pin for all her voluntary work from our mayor. Even in corona times we had an amazing surprise party. The image shows me holding the version of her that was atop the gigantic cake.

Montse works in ABC Allentie Welzijn, Amsterdam, Netherlands