Hope to Cope

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities. Today: Sam from Up4Change (Liverpool)


The partnership action “Hope to Cope” wants to remind us of the power of the network and the importance of local work in communities and it would like to share hope!

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities with challenges and moments of joy and hope! Today with Sam from Liverpool, UK – Thank you Sam for sharing!

Sam volunteers for Up4Change, Liverpool, U.K.

How are you and the Community? 

I am as good as can be in the current climate haha these are strange times for a lot of people, myself included. I work in retail so it’s been a crazy couple of months for me, especially now in the build up to Christmas. But hopefully soon there can be some form of normality and I can continue what I love, which is to travel and explore. And of course see some of my e.p.a. family whilst doing so. The community is okay, we are slowly recovering, as we’ve been hit harder than others in the UK so it’s been hard as a city but we have persevered as best as possible and now I feel that there is some light at the end tunnel for all of us here in Liverpool. 

What have you discovered during the last months? 

I’ve learned a lot about myself, some things I thought I already knew. It’s strange to not have control of your future in a sense, and not knowing what is going to happen. But myself like others are very hopeful and optimistic that soon we can all be together again soon as a family and share our stories and feelings from the year gone. It’s been a humbling experience and one I feel a lot of people take for granted sometimes. But it’s also made me appreciate the wonderful things that you guys at e.p.a. do and I’m now even more thankful than ever for all the experiences. It was sad we couldn’t be together this year but I am sure we will all see each other very soon. 

What gives you hope? 

There’s been a huge drive in local charity and it’s so heartwarming and inspiring to see everyone come together in such turbulent times. So much has been done by people who don’t have much themselves and I find that these moments define us as people. When help should of come from governing bodies, and hasn’t, people have come together to try and find a way to help everyone struggling. Not just physically, but also mentally which is so uplifting and wonderful to see. And I must also thank you, e.p.a. for what you have done in these months, for checking on people and making sure we are all staying in touch and staying well and safe. You give me and so many others hope and we thank you. Sending rainbows and love from Liverpool. We can’t wait to see you all and give you a real hug soon.❤


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