Hope to Cope

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities. Today: Ana from Initiative for Social Change ARSIS (Albania)


The partnership action “Hope to Cope” wants to remind us of the power of the network and the importance of local work in communities and it would like to share hope!

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities with challenges and moments of joy and hope! Today with Ana from Tirana, Albania – Thank you Ana for sharing!

Ana works for ARSIS, Tirana, Albania

How are you and your community?

At the beginning of the pandemic, I felt that this situation will pass quickly and everything will get back to normal soon, but it was not like that, what I have understood was that I needed to find my own balances to deal with the impact of COVID-19 in our lives, like respecting the measures, limiting the contacts with a lot of people, that was not so common previously especially when we refer to our work with the communities.

I have understood that this was the moment that we should also shift our methodological thinking and way of coping to something new approaching our communities in the same way as before but in the new context now. 

The isolation of children and their families caused difficulties in living conditions, lack of income, and means of providing food and making ends meet. Parents are not allowed to work in recycle materials to trash containers, and the poverty conditions are aggravated each passing day.

Respecting the government strict measures of security, children cannot be part of daily programs for early childhood development, mothers cannot come to the Centre and take the psychosocial support that they needed and were eager to benefit, as the only opportunity to change their way of thinking and self-esteem. The only safe communication channel is now through online interfaces that allow the possibility to share knowledge, information, enables the continuance of our programs and share the purest feelings, children’s glimpses of emotions.

The Centre’s staff proposed a distance e-learning program which could reach out to each family, offering them an interactive tool to apply with their children: “The Friendly Quarantine Diary”. During the earthquake and the emergency situation caused by COVID-19 reached to support more than 2000 children and their families with psychosocial support, protection measures and direct support.

What have you discovered during the last months?

That the world should be prepared to decrease the missuses of the earth and nature and connecting more with there family and friends, staying with the family and contributing in the family, reducing the high pressure of work and of the world outside. That people can contribute more to their communities facing difficulties in the pandemic context socially and economically.  

What gives you hope?

During this period I have understood that people can develop capacities and provide their innovative ways for their wellbeing in limitations and similar contexts. 

I have seen so much love and care between different generations for providing support through ensuring the respect toward measures of the governments.


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