Thank you, Jonna!

13 years with e.p.a.


After almost 13 years, our colleague and friend Jonna is leaving the e.p.a. team based in Hamburg.

Those who participated in e.p.a. International seminars and trainings will know Jonna as a caring coordinator and diligent worker. Over the last decade she has helped to cultivate our colorful e.p.a. network – kept contacts with our partners, created amazing projects with activists and colleagues around Europe and beyond. Her commitment inspired especially young colleagues on their journey of finding new tools and good reasons to get involved in civil society actions.

As an expert for sustainable development, Jonna actively enriched and extended the e.p.a. agenda of themes and methodologies. But we will also miss her persistence in organising our e.p.a. back office – including a lot of less exciting but quite complex paper work, which is necessary to run an International Youth network organisation, creating the conditions for young people to participate and exchange.

We are looking forward keeping contact with Jonna and hopefully greet her on one or another future e.p.a. activity.

To our dear team member Jonna: We say goodbye, good luck at your new place and thank you very much!


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