Hope to Cope

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities with challenges and moments of joy and hope! Today with Alex from Hamburg (Germany).


The partnership action “Hope to Cope” wants to remind us of the power of the network and the importance of local work in communities and it would like to share hope! Thank you Alex for sharing!

How are you and your community?
First i would like to thank you for your interest in our current situation during these hard times. I am missing the contact with you all and would love to change that in future, involving myself in more projects. I feel quite isolated during these confinement times due to the corona pandemic. It is quite hard for me to pause my contact with my community, since I would love to be a constant part of the e.p.a. family in Hamburg and across Europe. I am currently focusing myself on my Master studies in social sciences, which means, that I am mainly in home office.

Due to the corona virus I lost my student job in the town hall of Hamburg, where I partly worked as a tour guide. After that I felt even more helpless and was totally disappointed. It took me a while to motivate myself again. I remembered myself of all the wonderful experiences and memories I made with the past e.p.a. youth exchanges. I am so thankful for that. These memories motivated myself to continue with my ambitions and looking forward. I am very grateful for the work e.p.a. has done for me and all of us, bringing Europe together in a united world. I am really looking forward to involve myself in future projects.

What have you discovered during the last months?
In the last months I have started a new project (forum) with Fatu, Linda, Michael, Karen, Alain, Saidou, Grace and also 2 more people. This project is called „The New Generation“. We wanted to found a forum for people around Hamburg metropolitan area, including people from all parts of the world, regardless of their age, socioeconomic status, education, ethnicity. This project aims to bring people together from different backgrounds to create a network and support each other, for example with pycho-social advice, political education, non-formal acctivities, excursions and the like. We are really looking forward to continue our project after the lockdown, maybe in spring and summer 2021.

What gives you hope?
It´s an easy question, obviously all the possible future projects with e.p.a. and our new project, which I´ve mentioned above. It really gives me hope, especially when looking forward to spring and summer times. Moreover I am also looking forward to see all my international friends again, in context of our wonderful e.p.a. network across Europe. I also want to say to my friends in the UK, who are facing the Brexit and a loss of the Erasmus+ program now; We will be always connected. You are Europe! Nobody can take our opportunities and experiences away. We are united!!!


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