Space and participation for all!

Survey supporting the 8th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue process


In the framework of the consultation process of the 8th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue, supervised by the European Steering Group, an online survey is conducted to understand young people’s views on the European Youth Goal No 9: SPACE AND PARTICIPATION FOR ALL

Young people are politically active, engaged and often at the forefront of many global movements and youth-led organisations. The European Union need to make sure that all young people have access to their right to participate in democracy and this means removing barriers and creating equal opportunity.

As the EU especially want to create bridges between young people and political institutions – let the EU know your opinion on how to do this by filling in this online survey of the 8th cycle EU Youth Dialogue by 15 June 2021 the latest!

Tell the EU which kind of public spaces you would need to spend time with each other, discuss political views, meet decision-makers and organise projects that are important to you. The EU also want to make sure that you receive clear information on public matters that are of interest to you and help you in gaining the skills to understand and critically think about this kind of information. Therefore the EU kindly invites you to fill in this questionnaire which will not take you more than 8 minutes. 


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