A message to our friends from Ukraine and Russia

Dear friends!


Dear young people and friends from Ukraine and Russia,

We e.p.a. send a long and tender wave of rainbow hugs to all of you.

We are aware this war, a tragic madness, is by the Russian government and NOT in the name of Young People! We have experienced that over the years young people from Ukraine and Russia have met in friendship and peace during our International Youth Exchanges and Seminars.

You have demonstrated that to share and meet with mutual respect and understanding is the way to overcome barriers and borders and to live in peace and dignity. You have learned from each other and discovered that you have so much more in common than separates you.

This is a little message to let you know, we are thinking of you.

At this moment in time, our planned seminars and exchanges seem far away.

We confirm our invitations to e.p.a. exchanges is still valid, our hearts and arms are wide open. We do hope we will come together again soon.

We send you a rainbow of our good wishes from the e.p.a. team

Alex, Christa-Berta, Tony, Marianna, Remo


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