Her mit dem schönen Leben

Two amazing weeks in Flensburg and Hamburg (Germany).


Young people from all over the world who live right now in Europe came together to exchange their opinion of what is a good life under the theme ‘Her mit dem schönen Leben’. This Youth Exchange brought together around 60 young people from 7 countries (Germany, Portugal, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, UK & Ukraine) for 2 weeks in Flensburg and Hamburg (Germany).

During the 2 weeks every group presented its projects and a self-organized workshop on our agreed theme ‘Let’s make the good life’. The participants got to know each other through playing games, discussions and fun activities and also celebrated birthdays and intercultural delights and traditions like songs and dances.

Our main goal was to make the conditions viable for the young people to think about what is a good life for them and express their way of thinking with the other participants.  

To cut the story short, we all arrived in Flensburg where we stayed for the first week of Youth Exchange. There we played a lot of games, had funny and/or serious discussions, participated in workshops and so many other activities. For the second week, we took the train by using the 9-Euro-ticket to Hamburg and continue our programme in the youth hostel of Horner Rennbahn.

It is amazing to see how different are the views of the young participants on the same theme. What is certain is that we all respected different opinions.  

All participants returned to their countries with more experience, knowledge, tools and enthusiasm that they can use, share and multiply with their friends and community.


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