Good practices interviews

Are you interested to hear what youth workers and volunteers around Europe want to share with us?


The “Stop loneliness – Start volunteering” project is a response to the increasing isolation and loneliness experienced by young people across Europe, especially caused by the pandemic. Volunteering can at least be a partial solution to this problem.

We had the opportunity to talk with youth workers and volunteers from many volunteering involving organizations around Europe and to have a discussion around the topic of mental health and how can volunteering combat loneliness and social exclusion.

Here you can find all short clips from our interviews:

Tinmor from “Elegast” in Belgium:

Zlatana from “CNZD” in Croatia:

Cille from the Youth Network of “FriSe” in Denmark:

Niamh from “Jigsaw” in Ireland:

Neza from “Tom Telefon” in Slovenia:

If you are interested on watching the full videos from our partner organizations, follow this link:


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