about e.p.a.

e.p.a. is a recognised INGYO (International Non Governmental Youth Organisation) with a network of partner organisations in more than 40 countries currently in Europe, South America, Africa, the Caribbean, and around the Mediterranean. (see network section)

e.p.a. works with children, young people and women’s groups from communities in areas of poverty and social exclusion.

e.p.a. respects and values the culture and diversity of all young people and their communities and fights against oppression, disillusion, racism and xenophobia.

e.p.a. colleagues create conditions for free play and intercultural understanding, and through networking combine cooperation and action. Not just lamenting, but challenging the problems facing young people, encouraging and empowering them to use their own voice. Not waiting for solutions from above, but taking initiatives themselves.

e.p.a. campaigns for intercultural learning and the rights of children and young people as declared in the UN Convention of Rights of the Child, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

e.p.a. promotes a programme to meet the needs of children, young people and our colleagues through international Youth Exchanges, Study Visits, Training Activities and a world wide network of contacts.

Our logo is a rainbow – incorporated into all our activities in beautiful ways, it is a sign of hope and of differences that complete each other in their diversity.

e.p.a. project logos

We are happy to join with children, young people, women and men, who want to get playfully involved for a life in dignity and enjoy worldwide friendship.

In Hamburg e.p.a. runs eurodesk and the Europa JUGEND Büro an advice drop in for young people on youth issues and mobility programmes.

comments of a friend:

“e.p.a. is special because…

…of the single-minded dedication, experience, expertise and a pro-young people attitude that has been adopted, maintained and cultivated by the e.p.a. team, which is permeated throughout every aspect of the entire organisation.

…within its activities, even when they are organised by adults, young people are heard, understood, valued, and embraced as the core of the organisation and the reason for its existence.

…e.p.a. is a heady mix of equality and diversity in action.

…its mixture of fun and seriousness helps vastly differing young people in environments of disadvantage.

…it has always seen the opportunities available to young people, even when those young people can’t see the opportunities themselves.

…because the needs, wishes, and aspirations of young people are always valued and respected and never ridiculed or dismissed as unreasonable.

…young people are never told something can’t be done without an explanation, and they’re always advised as to the alternatives that could be offered instead.

…the e.p.a. team has never gotten side-tracked into taking their focus off of the grassroots workers and young people, and has never had their heads swayed by politicians and the limelight they could have enjoyed.

…it stays in contact with significant numbers of young people throughout successive generations.

…it acts as a storehouse for young peoples international experiences, and helps ensure such knowledge is passed on and shared in genuine multicultural settings.”