Care and Share for our Community

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Care and Share for our Community

Malými zmenami vieme dosiahnuť veľké veci - With small changes we can achieve big things!

 Tatranská Lomnica • Bratislava | Slovakia 

10. August 201924. August 2019 

The e.p.a. International Youth Exchange “Care and share for our community – Malými zmenami vieme dosiahnuť veľké veci”, meaning “With small changes we can achieve big things” in Slovak, was hosted by our partner Ulita. It brought together 60 young people coming from disadvantaged communities in cities all over Europe: Lisbon (PT), Liverpool (UK), Ljubljana (SI), Málaga (ES), Hamburg (DE), Palermo (IT) Budapest (HU) and Bratislava (SK).

The IYE gave young people the opportunity to discover their potentials to challenge urgent environmental issues within the framework of active citizenship and Human Rights education.

It encouraged young people to become active for their hope of living in a cleaner environment, starting in their own community! Together we developed ideas and tools to take care of the environment on our doorstep as active young citizens, reduce our ecological footprint and make (small and bigger) changes in our daily lives. All together we tried out participative actions to be worked on within the local communities in order to reach visible changes and spread our experiences.

We gained insights into cause/effect of environmental problems and understood how we are contributing to it as consumers, by speaking about global warming, plastic pollution, food waste, meat consumption etc.

And we understood that the roots of environmental problems are not on an individual level – and therefore cannot be solely solved by changing personal behavior, if we want sustainable solutions. So we also considered the problem’s political dimension and spoke to politicians/ local authorities about young people’s wishes and demands.

The exchange’s first venue was in Slovakia’s beautiful Tatra Mountains, in Tatranská Lomnica. The second week we spent in Bratislava (Check the hostel here).


22. December 2020

Hope to Cope

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities. Today: Sam from Up4Change (Liverpool)

8. December 2020

Hope to Cope

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities. Today: Bruno from Eco-Estilistas (Lisbon)

24. August 2019

Cleaning Action in Kopčany

Youth in Action for a cleaner environment

24. June 2019

APV in Bratislava

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