Empowering Youth, Building Futures Together

Networking activity 2024

25. April – 28. April

Budapest, Hungary

Empowering Youth, Building Futures Together


e.p.a. – together with our partner ‘FESZGYI H52 Ifjúsági Iroda és Közösségi Tér’ from Budapest – are happy to invite you to participate in a Network Partner Meeting to Budapest under the motto: “Empowering Youth, Building Futures Together”

H52 Ifjúsági Iroda és közösségi Tér is a youth center located in one of the most deprived parts of Budapest, where many of the families have disadvantaged background (especially Roma families).

The meeting will allow partners to share information about best practices, successful initiatives, and emerging trends in youth development. This exchange of information will help organizations learn from each other and adopt effective strategies on their work.

Our program for the network partner meeting is about facilitating collaboration, coordination, information sharing, problem – solving, and advocacy, all of which are essential for effectively addressing the diverse needs and challenges of young people.

This meeting will be a valuable chance to get to know concepts how to co-create opportunities, learn from and with each other, in playful ways and strengthen partners working with young people in disadvantaged communities.

The program will include visits to community centers, dialogue sessions with young people in Budapest, and engaging workshops, all designed to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by young people in Budapest and other countries, as well as understanding their needs related to different issues and topic.

Issues and topic to be further developed during the workshops:

Social inclusion and diversity: Consider how to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion among young people from diverse backgrounds, including marginalized groups.

Substance abuse and addiction: Address the challenges of substance abuse and addiction among young people, and discuss prevention and intervention strategies.

Civic engagement and participation: Discuss opportunities for young people to engage in civic activities and participate in decision-making processes within their communities.

Peer support and mentorship: Highlight the importance of peer support networks and mentorship programs in providing guidance and encouragement to young people. By addressing this topic, we can work towards developing comprehensive strategies to support young people and address their diverse challenges effectively.

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