Facing the challenge


Facing the challenge

When we are played off against each other, we play together, still and again!

 Budapest | Hungary 

24. May 201730. May 2017 

e.p.a. International Training Seminar from 24th – 30th May 2017 in the European Youth Center of the Council of Europe, Budapest, Hungary.

What is it about?

The training seminar focused on the phenomena of “Play-off” – how in our societies different groups of people are „played off“ against each other and how excluding and dividing effects challenge our communities. The fact that many new refugees have arrived in Europe in the last years has lead to a situation, where the political and public debate is dominated by angst, fear and “distribution conflicts”.

These fears nourish xenophobia and worsen the discrimination between different groups of young people as „new“/„old“ and recognized/ unrecognized refugees, including other minorities, like Roma and disadvantaged young people. Instead of playing WITH each other, people are played off AGAINST each other!

The Training seminar worked at ways to confront the fears and prejudices constructively and to find ways and methods to support young people in their awareness raising towards more tolerance and solidarity. The activity supported young volunteers, refugees, civil society activist and young youth workers to develop concepts to deal with – or even better to avoid – a „play-off situation“ in their disadvantaged communities. The activity programme promoted a peaceful living-together and reminds us again of the inalienability of universal human rights and human dignity.

The Training seminar provided a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, worked with methods of non-formal learning, and always in a spirit of intercultural mutual learning and understanding.

We were a group of 30 persons, most participants being between 18 and 30 years old.

A radio show – produced during the seminar in Budapest by participants with the great support of our partner EcosEstilistas – can be listened on Radio ZIP!


30. May 2017

Activity Report

Some thoughts and results

30. May 2017

TV Report

from local Budapest TV station

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