Her mit dem schönen Leben!

Youth Exchange

Her mit dem schönen Leben!

Reflect our dreams, respect our diversity, embrace dignity for all

 Flensburg • Hamburg | Germany 

01. August 202214. August 2022 

After four successful exchanges hosted by our long term partners in Russia, Rumania, Ukraine and the UK, it is time to invite the participants to come to Germany again!

The main reason to carry out this project is to create an exchange of perspectives on good living and to empower young people to become active within their communities, in their political and social environments, to motivate young people to reflect on their futures, to promote the understanding and importance of human dignity, to share different views on “good living”, to promote understanding and respect for diversity and to create conditions for youth participation.

Young people do have an opinion about the community, country and the world they wish to live in and with the help of our project we want to give a voice and provide a platform for young people to reflect on their dreams and visions, and, consequently, discuss the steps and actions that are needed to make them true or at least come closer.



25. November 2022

Her mit dem schönen Leben

Two amazing weeks in Flensburg and Hamburg (Germany).

12. June 2022

Advanced Planning Visit in the North of Germany

Let’s look for the key of a good life all together. We might find it in our Youth Exchange in the North of Germany.

25. February 2022

A message to our friends from Ukraine and Russia

Dear friends!

22. December 2020

Hope to Cope

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities. Today: Sam from Up4Change (Liverpool)

8. December 2020

Hope to Cope

e.p.a. partners share insights from their communities. Today: Bruno from Eco-Estilistas (Lisbon)

5. November 2020


no real meetings, but #rainbow_connected

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