Home – The world inside and around me

Youth Exchange

 “Home – The world inside and around me“

Orfü & Gödöllö | Hungary  

20. July 202403. August 2024 

On the last day of the Youth Exchange in Tettenborn & Hamburg last year, the young people of H52 from Budapest stood up and have invited to celebrate this year’s youth exchange in Hungary, under the proposed working theme:

“HOME – the world inside and around me…!”

This International Youth Exchange (IYE) will give an opportunity for 60 young people from Hungary,Spain, Slovakia, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany, and Sicily to meet, learn, share, work and play together, staying in two different, both beautiful places: one week in a rural tranquil setting in Orfü and the second week in the intercultural famous Campus in the middle of the green areas, and an historical small students city, not far from Budapest in Gödöllö.

The participating groups. all partners in the e.p.a.-network come from

Lisboa: Eco-estilistas, Sicily: Moltivolti, Maribor-Ljubljana: Slovenska Filantropija, Málaga-Ceuta: Almatahiar, Hamburg: Baui.

The hosting group is our partner in Budapest ‘H52’ Ifjúsági Iroda és közösségi Tér is a youth center located in one of the most challenging districty of Budapest, where many of the families have disadvantaged background .

This International Youth Exchange, which will be supported by EU Erasmus+ Youth programme under the financial framework: “Accreditation”. So the APV meeting from 25-28 June will be a great opportunity to prepare the Youth exchange together, explore the proposed theme, collect the proposals from all participants, co-create the programme of activities, which will be finalized and uploaded by end of June.

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