I like you! – și tu?

Youth Exchange

 “I like you! – și tu?“

Cluj, Bucharest | Romania  

06. August 201719. August 2017 

This International youth exchange took place from 6th – 19th August 2017 in the Carpathian mountains in Păltiniş, the city of Cluj and Bucharest in Romania. Our partner “Chance for Life” invited young people from East and West to come together, learn from each other and play together. Under the theme “I like you – și tu? – young people discover how to acclaim their diversity and claim Human Rights” – 60 young people between 15 – 27 years, discussed and experienced similarities and differences in a respectful and tolerant atmosphere.

The participating groups came from the cities of Liverpool (UK), Hamburg (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine), Tyumen and Kurgan (Russian Federation) and from Bucharest (Romania).

Our host “Chance for Life” works in deprived communities, with young people in an orphanage, suffering from social exclusion. Their main aims are to support the empowerment of children and young people and to encourage an active citizenship.

This International youth exchange consisted of various activities like: thematic presentations, workshops, plenary meetings, inter-cultural evening, a Transfăgărășan trip, energisers, games, enhancing reflexion and self-confidence, meetings with representatives of the Cluj City Council, a visit to the Cluj Paint Brush Factory community art project and and inter-active session with a Human Rights lawyer and activist.

The methodology followed the principles and pleasures of non-formal and participative learning and offered spaces for playful interaction. The activities put the focus on participants’ own contributions: the preparation of an interactive workshop on the theme “Diversity/ Human Rights” as well as a presentation of their own community, organisation and their group on a poster and video. An Inter-cultural Evening invited the groups to cook and share their favourite dishes and perform dances, songs and sketches.

The impacts of the exchange for young people were new insights and confident understanding of thematic aspects like Human Rights, Diversity, Equality, the reflexion of own prejudices, new skills and gaining competences, experiencing and valuing of multicultural friendship.


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