Keep up the дърветата. Keep down the боклука.

Youth Exchange

Keep up the дърветата. Keep down the боклука.

 Bansko • Plovdiv • Sofia | Bulgaria 

20. August 202403. September 2024 

Facing the latest developments in the world, our young people feel the need to take action and try to create better conditions for every one. Climate change is something that concerns young people and they want to learn more, raise awareness, and find solutions and good practices.

Our partner organisation in Sofia “Equal Opportunities Initiative Association”, member of our International network, who participated the last years in our International Youth Exchanges, invited us for a 2 weeks to come to Bulgaria.

The International Youth Exchange will take place in three cities: Bansko, Plovdiv and Sofia, the capital, from 20th August to 3rd September, under the theme “Keep up the Gapbeiaia (trees). Keep down the Synkya (waste)”. It will bring together 57 young people from disadvantaged communities in Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Romania, the UK, Ukraine and from Germany in a safe environment.

In a welcoming climate and a spirit of “all different – all equal”, this exchange will offer to the participants opportunities to work and play with and learn from each other. Raising awareness about their inalienable universal Human Rights, will encourage to share their thoughts and feelings, the situation in their communities, ways to cope and discover new hopes. Fostering a sense of empowerment, this experience will support their potential for actively taking steps towards future’s hopes.

The programme of the Youth Exchange is always proposed by the young people and the host group, which creates the conditions for the active involvement of all participants during all stages of projects, especially the workshops, which they will prepare with their groups, sharing their perception of the theme.

Request of participation

If your organisation has nominated you to participate in the International Youth Exchange 20. August 2024 – 03. September 2024 (optional: the advanced planning visit 18.-21. July 2024) in Bulgaria, please use the following form to register.

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