Keep your distance?


Keep your distance?

Embracing Human Rights!

 Senec • Bratislava | Slovakia 

27. May 202303. June 2023 

The COVID-19 crisis is having a significant impact on the mental health of adolescents and young people and young people have been among the hardest hit by the economic consequences of COVID-19. The pandemic prevented many young people from socialising with peers, from developing their social and inter personal skills in a “natural way”. Some fundamental rights could not be exercised: protection from violence (at home), setting up or joining groups, access to education, play, culture, arts etc. Colleagues in intercultual youth work are concerned how to accompany their young people trying to cope with depression, traumata and mental health in a post Covid environment.

Our Seminar in Bratislava looked at how we respond to the needs of young people, how we can offer a hug, how we listen meaningfully, how we discuss in groups about gender, identity, sex and relationships. How we are genuine and trusted by young people and how we protect ourselves when talking to them about sex and relationships.

This collaborative project brought together 30 young colleagues (between 18-30 years) from 16 European countries working face to face with disadvantaged young people, to share their experiences, understand the needs and respond sensitively and safely. During the week we introduced and reworked the e.p.a. Hug Workshop and the e.p.a. Sexopoly game.



14. July 2023

Play Action in Kopčany

Children have the Right to Play!

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