Let’s Get Out Of The Shell!

Study Seminar 2009

24. September – 24. September

Let’s Get Out Of The Shell!



Let’s Get Out Of The Shell!

How To Encourage Young People From Tough Areas To Discover Citizenship?


With this topic the community center Ulita invited e.p.a. partners to celebrate the annual seminar of our international network.

The seminar was a good possibility to debate, share experiences and to learn more about creative play and youth work. Participants from 9 countries were focused on how to use media work and why participation and citizenship are such important issues in youth work.

While visiting different projects in Bratislava and collecting practical media examples, we became aware of the importance of media influence on youth work with its bad and good sides.

The group discussed about challenges and problems dealing with different kinds of media. For example: What does media work include? How to guarantee the dignity of young people involved in media work? How to practice media work without jeopardizing rights and interests of young people? How to get media attention without scandalising our young people though many of them live in scandalous conditions?

With an introduction and exciting debates on citizenship and the role of participation we gained some knowledge and good ideas how to organise successful youth work. Last but not least the whole week was an adventurous trip with lots of intercultural learning.

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4. October 2009

Media Work

Some of our proposals for the postcard

4. October 2009

Play Day in Kopčany

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