Mental Health and Violent Behaviour in our Communities

Seminar 2024

20. May – 26. May

Mental Health and Violent Behaviour in our Communities



Mental Health and Violent Behaviour in our Communities


This is an International Training Seminar prepared by e.p.a. in cooperation and hosted by the team of the e.p.a partner HangFlow ry in Turku, Finland.

Since Covid, the discourse surroundings mental health and its relationship with violence has increased attention. As we will gather together for a week in Harva,Turku, Finland, we will embark on a journey to unravel the complexities of intersection within our communities and young people.

Our seminar in Harva, Turku will respond to the needs, how we can be there for young people to listen them meaningfully, giving them a hand to cope and co-create together different methods of prevention, protection and provision.

Our theme and workshops will reflect on the daily life and work of e.p.a partners in different countries.

Mental health, a basic vital of human well-being, influences an individual’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Yet, when mental health concerns intersects with violence, the repercussions can be profound, affecting not only individuals but entire communities. Consequently, individuals grappling with mental health challenges may find themselves marginalized, lacking access to proper support and treatment.

Moreover, the correlation between mental health and violence is multifaceted, influenc by various factors such as socioeconomic disparities, cultural influences, and systemic shortcomings within our healthcare and judicial system.

As steward of our communities, it is essential that we confront these issues, fostering dialogue, awareness, and advocacy. By fostering environments of compassion, understanding and support, we can dismantle the barriers that perpetuate cycles of violence and despair.

Throughout this seminar, we will engage in critical discussions, explore empirical research, and hear firsthand accounts from youth workers and individuals with lived experiences. Together, we will strive understanding of mental health and violence, empowering ourselves to enact meaningful change within our communities.

Our collective journey begins here, by shared commitment to promoting holistic well-being and fostering environments of safety, empathy, and resilience for all.

This seminar is supported from European Youth Foundation where one of the following hard criteria (75 % of participants are under 30 y.o) are a requirement for an international activity: We appreciate your understanding that only participants under 30 y.o will be contacted for further steps.

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