Moored in Malta

Seminar 2023

28. October – 04. November

Qawra St Paul‘s Bay


Moored in Malta

Migration - challenges and chances for international youth work?


This is an International Training Seminar prepared by e.p.a. in cooperation and hosted by the team of our partner “Prisms” in Malta.

Our theme reflects the daily life and work of many of e.p.a, ’s partner in many different countries: in the South in Ceuta, facing the fences which many humans have tried to overcome and lost their lives – around the Mediterranean, a beautiful sea connecting different cultures over centuries, now becoming a cemetery, – in Central Europe where some refugees find places and still feel they are kept in waiting rooms, in the North, where they feel tolerated to stay and yet long for light, licenses and communities…

Many of us know forced mobility and migration from their own experience.

Whilst we all know what’s going wrong with the European Frontex politics protecting borders, the nationalist and racist parties rising in our countries and threatening the delicate sprouts of peaceful neighbourhoods, we will try to explore initiatives as European citizens to withstand, to create conditions together with migrants and refugees to feel free to move, to find places to stay, to share cultures, discover common horizons and share a life in dignity.

This seminar will be a unique opportunity to discover and celebrate our cultural differences, learn from and encourage each other how to embrace our universal Human Rights.

We will get insights in the reality of Malta, where refugees are moored in the double sense of the word, will enjoy the beauty of the islands, reflect together, and share in non-formal playful ways our experiences, doubts and dreams.

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