Offene Arme, offene Herzen

Youth Exchange

 “Offene Arme, offene Herzen“

Sylt, Hamburg | Germany  

25. June 201609. July 2016 

This International Youth Exchange (IYEx) took place in Germany from 25th June to 9th July 2016. The first week was in Sylt – an island in northern Germany – and the second week in Hamburg.

The project brought together 56 young people from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and UK, under the theme “Open Arms, Open Hearts – Young Europeans come together and show how to share…” and followed on from the successful IYEx “Fingers, Fins and Forests: Climate Change and Youth Initiatives – Young Europeans become aware and share how to care”, in Buxton and Liverpool in 2015.

The context:

The refugee situation, where millions of people are forced to leave their homes in Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia etc. fleeing war, persecution, discrimination and poverty. Seeking safety, freedom, Human Rights and better life conditions they cross international borders and seas to come to Europe. European governments are divided in their response to refugees between those, who support their civil societies organising a warm welcome, and those, who build new fences to keep the refugees out.

The objectives:

To work together in an international team developing an understanding of the refugee situation, causes and effects of migration and global refugee movements. On the other hand, increase the social and intercultural competences from participants, enhancing their involvement in their communities becoming pro-active and creating a welcome climate.

Programme and methodology followed the principles of non-formal learning approaches, with participative and playful activities.

The main achievements:

The impact of this International Youth Exchange on the young participants is remarkable! They gained knowledge on the overall project theme migration, intercultural awareness, theory of prejudices and discrimination and European values. Participants enjoyed an individual growing as well as new competences – stepping out of the comfort zone. Opportunities to practice new languages.

All participants received a Youthpass Certificate as recognition of acquired competences. They returned to their countries with more experience, knowledge, tools and enthusiasm that they can use, share and multiply with their friends, youth groups and European communities.


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This project is funded by

the European Union