Our voice, our choice, our community

Youth Exchange 2018

21. July – 21. August

Our voice, our choice, our community

Madeira • Lisbon


Our voice, our choice, our community


Under the theme “Our voice, our choice, our community”, this e.p.a. International Youth Exchange in Madeira & Lisbon, brought together for 2 weeks more than 60 young people speaking 21 mother tongues. They belonged to youth groups coming from deprived communities in 7 European countries: Liverpool.uk, Bratislava.sk, Málaga.es, Palermo.it, Ljubljana.si, Hamburg.de and Madeira & Lisboa.pt.

This exchange was hosted by the “Associação de Inter-ajuda de Jovens Eco-estilistas”. Encouraged by the success of their community Radio “Zip”, we explored HOW to speak up, using media as a supporting tool for youth participation, how to encourage and qualify each other to strengthen and enhance our commitment in our communities, becoming aware of the chances and risks of using (social) media.

We prepared an International Radio show which was broadcasted live. (Click to listen!)

Our colourful programme consisted of thematic workshops and video presentations prepared by each city group, playful activities, games and energisers, project visits, a play day with children in a marginalized community in Madeira, official receptions in town halls, and different excursions to get to know Lisbon’s and Madeira’s cultural and environmental beauties, as well as some insights into Portugal’s history. We shared experiences, worked together in international teams, learned about cultures from different countries, enhanced our social media skills and learned to communicate with media to raise our voice for Human Rights. By creating the conditions for young people to meet and learn from each other, this project fostered youth empowerment, intercultural dialogue and international networking with partner groups, supporting their participation in the development of their communities – and all this in a spirit of international friendship.

This project is funded by

the European Union

30. August 2018

Participant’s views

A summary of a report written by Joana Loureiro – active member of our hosting partner Eco-estilistas and participant of the International Exchange

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