Let’s raise our voices

Youth Exchange 2018

16. August – 31. August

Let’s raise our voices

Zatoka • Kiev


Let’s raise our voices

Young people challenge old values and open new perspectives


This International Youth Exchange under the theme  “Let’s raise our voices – young people challenge old values and open new perspectives” brought together 65 young people from Liverpool (UK), Hamburg (Germany), Bucharest (Romania), Kurgan and Tyumen (Russian Federation) and hosted by our Ukrainian friends in Odessa and Kiev, 16th – 31st of August 2018.

Our theme and programme was dedicated to “Active Citizenship”, looking at how young people from disadvantaged communities sharing and learning how to contribute to the betterment of their communities whilst living in difficult circumstances: war,  propaganda, unemployment, a society of political and democratic deficit and financial chaos.

We got to know some parts of Ukraine: Odessa as an important and multicultural harbour-city and the old Kiev with its history.

During the two weeks we had various activities like: thematic presentations, workshops, plenary meetings, intercultural evening, a historical tour in Odessa, energisers, games, enhancing reflexion and self-confidence, meetings with representatives of Civil society initiatives, visiting Holodomor and Chernobyl museums, a trip to the typical Ukrainian village and other.

Programme and methodology followed the principles of non-formal learning approaches, with participative and playful activities. The activities put the focus on participants’ own contributions: the preparation of an interactive workshop on the theme “Active Citizenship” as well as a presentation of their own community, organisation and their group on a poster and video. An Inter-cultural Evening invited the groups to cook and share their favourite dishes and perform dances, songs and sketches.

The impacts of the exchange for young people were new insights and confident understanding of thematic aspects like Active Citizenship, Participation, Democracy, Diversity, Equality, the reflexion of own prejudices, new skills and gaining competences, experiencing and valuing of multicultural friendship.

All participants received a Youthpass Certificate as recognition of acquired competences. They returned to their countries with more experience, knowledge, tools and enthusiasm that they can use, share and multiply with their friends, youth groups and European communities.

This project is funded by

the European Union

14. March 2018

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