Stop Loneliness, Start volunteering

Networking 2023

01. January – 31. December

Stop Loneliness, Start volunteering

Ireland • Belgium • Denmark • Germany • Croatia • Slovenia

Stop Loneliness, Start volunteering

Stop Loneliness, Start volunteering


The following activities will be implemented in the project Stop loneliness start volunteering: 

1) Research of existing practices in partner as well as other European countries in the field of youth volunteering and combatting loneliness, isolation and social exclusion. The findings will be presented in the Research and Analysis of challenges and responses of volunteering organizations. Here you can download the research analysis below.

2) We will seek out best practices in the field of combatting loneliness through volunteering in the partner and other European countries, recognize potentials of innovative practices for transfer and encouragement in other domains. We will conduct interviews with volunteers, beneficiaries and representatives of volunteer organizations (volunteer mentors, managers), record and videotape personal interest stories of young volunteers and beneficiaries. The selected examples will be presented in the Best practices compendium, accompanied by a video featuring personal experience of volunteers. 

3) We will seek out and research current challenges and needs in combatting loneliness and youth volunteering. Using the world café method we will, in cooperation with several stakeholders (the young, youth mentors, youth leaders, decision-makers …) search for the future potential of youth involvement in volunteering and establishing a dialogue among various stakeholders. The findings will be presented in the on-line campaign The Voice of the Youth. 

4) We will delve into the role of volunteer centres and networks in combatting loneliness among the youth and research the potential for further actions to the benefit of young volunteers and other youth, especially the young with fewer opportunities. The result will be presented in the Guidelines for volunteer centres and networks. 

5) We will build on quality of inclusion and mentorship to young volunteers, providing volunteer organizations with necessary skills for successful involvement of volunteers in combatting loneliness, isolation and exclusion of the youth. We will provide a theoretical framework and tools for quality work with young volunteers to volunteer and youth organizations. The results will be presented in the Guide for volunteer organizations. 

6) The previously listed activities will serve as a basis for advocacy activities, resulting in the European framework for combatting loneliness, isolation and exclusion of the youth – policy paper, which will be sent to decision-makers and other key stakeholders on local, national, regional and EU levels. 

7) Additionally, we will organize 6 partner meetings in all the partner countries and 4 multiplying events. We will present the results in an interactive and participatory fashion and establish new connections and communication among organizations working in the field. Simultaneously, all partner organizations will ensure dissemination and promotion of project results via their webpages, social media, information sharing within their usual activities (trainings, events, conferences, mailing lists).

This project is funded by

the European Union

1. December 2022

“STOP Loneliness, START Volunteering” in Ljubljana

… with our partner organisation from Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Croatia and Slovenia.

10. June 2022

“STOP Loneliness, START Volunteering” project in Aarhus

Our transnational project meeting in Denmark.

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