The Power of the Open Circle


The Power of the Open Circle

Η δύναμη του ανοικτού κύκλου - The Power of the Open Circle! Young people discover active citizenship

 Thessaloniki | Greece 

08. June 201915. June 2019 

The theme of this international training course hosted by ARSIS Thessaloniki was “active citizenship”. Youth workers, volunteers and youth activists from 20 countries discovered together the potentials of the non-formal learning and active citizenship education for their local and international youth work, especially when working for and with young people from disadvantages communities. Under the “Power of the open circle” we collected ideas for a thoroughly active citizenship, which at the same time respect the rights of young people and encourage them to take initiative. We discovered interactive methods like social circus, mobile school and activities from the Human Rights Education manual “Compass” and develop playful games and exercises for a pocket play manual.

Workshops and activities:

  • Introduction Active Citizenship
  • Active Citizenship and Youth work: Focus on young people
  • Active Citizenship and society: How to support and challenge the society to see the potentials of young people for active citizenship
  • With facts and empathy against Xenophobia and Prejudices
  • Exchanging and getting to know each other as a method of intercultural youth work for more bridges and to challenge xenophobia
  • Socio-cultural activity and method training: Play action, social circus and mobile school
  • The Rights-based approach: Human Rights Education as a part of the concept of active citizenship
  • Utopia, dream or reality? European and global citizenship
  • Getting to know Council of Europe/European Youth Foundation
  • Project Visits – Youth and Community Work in disadvantaged areas
  • Walking Tour: Thessaloniki Excluded – urban places of Exclusion and Negligence
  • Participation on the activity at the International day against the child labor

With the help of all participants we have produced a pocket manuel with 14 inclusive and intercultural games to be played with everybody and everywhere, activating and involving participants playfully: Circle Games – Power of the Open Circle!

This seminar is part of e.p.a. project ”Power of the open circle! – Young people discover active citizenship!“, which includes training, networking and study seminars, the first one in Ceuta/ Spain in March, the second one in Thessaloniki/ Greece in June and the third one in Hamburg/ Germany in October 2019.


10. February 2019

Preparation of the Training Course in Thessaloniki

Getting ready for the Training Course in June

network partners in this Training

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This project is funded by

the Council of Europe