Unlock Your Mind

Youth Exchange 2016

13. August – 27. August

Unlock Your Mind

Kurgan • Tyumen


Unlock Your Mind


e.p.a. has been organising multilateral youth activities between East and West (West Europe and East Europe) since 2003. This Exchange took place where Europe meets Asia traditionally on a road between Yekaterinburg and Tyumen in Siberia. This youth Exchange brought together 60 young people from UK, Germany, Romania, Ukraine and hosted by our Russian friends in Tyumen and Kurgan, 13th – 27th of August 2016.

Our theme “Unlock your Mind” created the conditions for young people to look at the world creatively and critically, to see through the propaganda and media misinformation and judge issues by the facts as they see them, to be able to come to their own decisions and conclusions.

The programme included spaces to get to know each other, to discover new cultures and to contribute to the debate in many Workshops designed and presented by the young people themselves. An intercultural Evening gave the group an opportunity to savour a menu of International delights from the 5 countries as each group cooked their favourite local “dish” (see report from Russian Television below). We visited an orphanage and organised a play day for the children, we have been to museums in Kurgan and Tyumen, sang songs at the embancment of the Tura river and shared our experiences with the local community.

At a time when Europe East and West are stuck in confrontation, even violence and the economic and political environment is against young people … this Youth Exchange provided a rainbow of opportunities for an alternative agenda and vision.

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30. August 2016

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