Up4Change, Down2Action

Seminar 2022

25. April – 02. May


United Kingdom

Up4Change, Down2Action

Means, Methods and Motivation for Youth Initiatives


This international seminar will be taking place in Liverpool, UK, from the 25th April to the 4th of May 2022, and will have 19 participants (aged 15-30) from the UK, Germany, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russian Federation, Serbia, Belarus, Malta and Romania.

During the project, we will giving the participants the skills, knowledge and mentoring to help them develop their ideas for their own youth initiatives in their communities.

We will further support the development of their local projects during the planning and implementation phase, and hopefully this will inspire other motivated young people to join the activities. We will be with the participants through every step of the process as they go from lightbulbs to lightshows!

This project is funded by

the European Youth Foundation

network partners in this Seminar

will be announced soon!