Yalah, let’s open the circle and join our hands in stormy times

Study Seminar 2019

19. March – 25. March

Yalah, let’s open the circle and join our hands in stormy times



Yalah, let’s open the circle and join our hands in stormy times

Yalah, abramos el círculo y unámonos a nuestras manos en tiempos tormentosos


This study seminar in the Spanish enclave Ceuta hosted by the e.p.a. partner group Almatahiar invited to discover the importance of youth participation and active citizenship for peaceful and democratic development. Participants from 12 countries shared and learnt from each other about the state of play of civil society organisations working with youth rights and youth affairs in different countries – and developed solutions and moments of hope how to strengthen our work together for a peaceful development.

Ceuta as a venue offers both challenging but also encouraging insights into a city and its peoples life between continents, religions and cultures.

A list of recommendations we have worked out in Ceuta can be downloaded here!

Workshop themes:

  • Introduction: Power of the open circle – the meaning of Active Citizenship for peaceful and democratic development
  • Active Citizenship and civil society’s shrinking spaces
  • Migration, Militarization, marginalization – role and possibilities of youth civil society for the protection of human rights?
  • Protecting Women’s’ rights and voice – gender specific view on the challenges of civil society
  • How to promote active citizenship when working with excluded and marginalized young people?
  • Mosaic society: How can the famous mosaic society “convivencia intercultural” be revitalized in different countries? And what can youth civil society contribute to this process?
  • Getting to know Council of Europe/European Youth Foundation
  • Project visits and excursions

This seminar is part of e.p.a. project ”Power of the open circle! – Young people discover active citizenship!“, which includes training, networking and study seminars, the first one in Ceuta / Spain in March, the second one in Thessaloniki / Greece in June and the third one in Hamburg / Germany in October 2019.

This project is funded by

the Council of Europe

26. March 2019

Study visit in Ceuta

Between continents, cultures and religions

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