Abenteuer- und Archäologiespielplatz Moorwiese



Abenteuer- und Archäologiespielplatz Moorwiese


The Moorwiese is a pedagogically supervised adventure playground for children and young people aged 6 – 16 who want to come independently in the afternoon. Here children can build a hut, play with the fire, water, soil, and air elements, look after animals, and try out old crafts. These activities are free of charge. On Saturdays, families are invited to share the experience with their children or simply celebrate a child’s birthday.

Children can playfully explore the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Early Middle Ages in this archaeological playground, which is connected to the interesting excavation findings in Berlin Buch. We will reconstruct small buildings from the ages addressed, make arrows, learn archery or how to throw spears or cast tin. In addition to the open work with children in the afternoon, school classes can book a fee-based offer for activity-oriented lessons here.

And next door, they can go on an expedition in the grass jungle, build caves in bushes, climb treetops and watch beetles race against each other. These are things that have become foreign to many children. The outdoor adventure playground Wild World of the Moor Meadow gives them this opportunity. What they experience there lays the foundation for their environmental awareness and, quite incidentally, they learn a lot and experience it with all their senses.

Forest kindergarten also means being outside all day and discovering nature with all their senses and in a playful way. The small birch grove, our caravans and the surrounding woods of the Buch forest offer the children from 3 to 6 years a space that provides many opportunities for exploration and discovery. The forest as a “secret teacher” offers the children extremely favourable conditions for physical, mental and spiritual development. Their natural urge to move can be expressed and it also stimulates the children’s creativity and imagination.




Finland  2018


Oeiras • Lisbon 

Portugal  2016