Asociación Juvenil Encuentros Interculturales Málaga (EIMA)



Asociación Juvenil Encuentros Interculturales Málaga (EIMA)


EIMA is a Youth Association working with young people at risk of social exclusion living in the city of Málaga and around it, especially with a youth group from the Roma community “Los Asperones, comunidad gitana”.

EIMA’s work is completely voluntary and based on the development of the social abilities of their young people, introducing them to different social areas, as well as promoting their ‘inclusion’ in different voluntary jobs, so that they feel useful and included in society.

EIMA have been participating as a self-organized group in International Youth Exchanges since 2003 with different projects in collaboration with the e.p.a.


Youth Exchange

Palermo • Sferracavallo 

Italy  2017


Oeiras • Lisbon 

Portugal  2016

Youth Exchange

Sylt • Hamburg 

Germany  2016

Youth Exchange

Buxton • Liverpool 

UK  2015

Youth Exchange

Málaga • Marbella 

Spain  2014

Youth Exchange

Bohinjsko Jezero • Maribor • Portorož 

Slovenia  2013