Associazione Laboratori Riuniti Altrove Onlus



Associazione Laboratori Riuniti Altrove Onlus


Laboratori Riuniti has been working for many years in Tavola Tonda, a very old and deprived part of the city of Palermo with children and young people and the community. Using non-formal tools, they support young people to unlearn violence and increase European awareness. They have regular meetings to prepare Youth Exchanges with the young people.

In 2010 the Palermo City Council cut all grants for youth projects. So now Laboratori Riuniti is going on with activities and meetings as volunteers. This means no money, no place, but good will, commitment and the strong belief, that to work with young people is to work for the future.


Youth Exchange

Lisbon • Braga • Areia Branca 

Portugal  2012