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Borderline Sicilia


Borderline Sicilia (non-profit) was founded in 2008 in order to report the facts about immigration in Sicily, forming a project that would actively record what was happening on both sides of the Mediterranean. Our main activity involves monitoring the situation for migrants on the island. The information we gather is published online in order to provide a grass-roots narrative of migration to Sicily, with particular attention on the practices carried out by institutional and private agents relating to the lodging, reception and detention of migrants, as well as access to services.

Borderline Sicilia provides legal and social assistance, advances pilot cases in the courts, and carries out advocacy and lobbying work at both national and European levels.

The organisation also raises awareness among the local population on themes relating to immigration, including the protection of human rights and the guaranteeing of equal opportunities through direct participation and self-organisation. We are engaged in promoting best practices at a regional level and setting up progressive networks of Sicilian groups. Borderline Sicilia also promotes and participates in research around migration in collaboration with universities and NGOs.


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