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Chance for Life Foundation


Chance for Life Foundation was founded in 2000. It is a charity aiming to develop Romanian communities by empowering children and young people, by providing training for adults and challenging their conventional way of thinking, through social campaigns and educational, emotional and social support for children and youth.

Chance for Life aims to shape the civic spirit of Romanians and contribute to the sustainable development of the communities all around the country. Our main programs are: ‘Chance for Life’ Scholarship – a day center in Bucharest which works every day with 20 intellectually gifted children, whose families are from different disadvantaged background.

The 'Vodafone' Scholarship: beneficiaries a group of 30 intellectually gifted from Sulina, Tulcea county, who were born in families at risk of social exclusion.

'Hope for today' offers a group of 30 disabled, some HIV positive, institutionalised children/teenagers, some from Roma minorities the opportunity to have a 'normal' development. The Chance for Life specialists and volunteers have been working with these children on a daily basis, constantly organising various activities and projects.

The program includes four projects: The School of Arts and Crafts, Workshop for the Future, Life skills Development. The Chance for Life team is composed of over 20 specialists (regular staff and volunteers) all of them having academic and professional background in business administration, psychology, social work, language teaching, communication, management, etc.

Also everyone in Chance for Life holds a wide range of qualifications and skills in management of the youth exchanges, methods of non-formal education, mentoring and coaching, working with young people with fewer opportunities.




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