DKolektiv – organisation for social development developed on the achievements of the 15-year activity of the Volunteer Centre Osijek in the field of development of volunteerism, civil society and democratic culture. DKolektiv is established on the principles of solidarity, humanity, and respect for diversity, non-violence, tolerance, understanding, responsibility and cooperation. The organisation is socially sensitive, nurtures dialogue and cooperation, protects human dignity and human rights, contributes to solidarity and social cohesion, actively listens and argues for sustainable development, a humane, open and democratic society.

Organisation’s mission is to inspire and support democratic culture, development of civil society and volunteerism, creation of equal opportunities and active participation of citizens.

DKolektiv wants to contribute to the development of democratic culture, active citizenship, the development of volunteerism, a strong and progressive civil society, good governance, an inclusive society and a better position of minority, vulnerable and marginalised groups. DKolektiv is characterised by independence of action and open presence, exchange of knowledge and capacities, openness to different opinions and attitudes, sharing knowledge and expertise in the field of activity. DKolektiv cooperates with civil society organisations, initiatives, citizens, public institutions, public and private institutions, media, economy as well as European and international organisations.

Special attention is given to the creation of targeted and sustainable interventions through projects and programmes that are implemented in cooperation with other organisations and work synergistically. DKolektiv strives to be innovative in our actions, promote positive changes, create opportunities for learning and development, foster dialogue and create connections between people, organisations and communities.


Networking activity

Ireland • Belgium • Denmark • Germany • Croatia • Slovenia