Društvo Center za Pomoč Mladim



Društvo Center za Pomoč Mladim


CPM is a non-profit organisation uniting professional and voluntary work in the field of the rights and mental health of young people aged between 15 and 29. Their activities are intended for young people with school or study problems, problems in relationship with parents or other people, poverty, social exclusion and unemployment.

Their programmes involve counseling, public projects (organising seminars, discussions and conferences) and projects for youngsters, where we work to raise the quality of their lives (Trainings of Social skills, training of assertiveness, counseling, annual project on theme of Social exclusion).

Their experience with International programmes started in 1999. They have experiences with both hosting International Youth exchanges and being partner/sending organisations in Youth exchanges. They have hosted and partnered for EVS, and have hosted International trainings and seminars as well as participated in them.

Every year they either attend or host at least 3 international projects.


Youth Exchange

Palermo • Sferracavallo 

Italy  2017


Oeiras • Lisbon 

Portugal  2016

Youth Exchange

Sylt • Hamburg 

Germany  2016

Youth Exchange

Buxton • Liverpool 

UK  2015

Youth Exchange

Málaga • Marbella 

Spain  2014