The Eco-Estilistas are a self-organised and registered youth association for mutual help, based in Chelas-Marvila, one of the most deprived areas in Lisbon. Since 2016 Eco-Estilistas have their own community radio channel ‘Radio Zip’ as a part of their youth projects.

Their main activity is the development of educative, cultural, environmental and sport activities WITH and FOR children and young people with special needs and fewer opportunities (i.e. people with low/basic skills, early school leavers, longterm unemployed, people with disabilities/special needs, refugees, migrants, NEET’s – Not in Education Employment or Training).


Youth Exchange

Ceuta • Málaga 

Spain  2022

Youth Exchange

Flensburg • Hamburg 

Germany  2022

Youth Exchange

Prvine • Ljubljana 

Slovenia  2021


Tirana • Durrës 

Albania  2021


Hamburg • Lisbon 

Germany  2021

Youth Exchange

Caernarfon • Liverpool 

UK  2019