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european playwork association


e.p.a. is a recognised INGYO (International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation) with a network of partner organisations in more than 40 countries currently in Europe, South America, the Caribbean, in Africa and around the Mediterranean. The main coordinating office is based in Hamburg, Germany.

e.p.a. works with children, young people and women’s groups from communities in areas of poverty and social exclusion.

e.p.a. respects and values the culture and diversity of all young people and their communities and fights against oppression, disillusion, racism and xenophobia.

e.p.a. colleagues create conditions for free play and intercultural understanding and through networking combine cooperation and action. Not just lamenting, but challenging the problems facing young people, encouraging and empowering them to use their own voice. Not waiting for solutions from above, but taking initiative themselves.

e.p.a. campaigns for intercultural learning and the rights of children and young people as declared in the UN Convention of Rights of the Child, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

e.p.a. promotes a programme to meet the needs of children, young people and our colleagues through international Youth Exchanges, Study Visits, Training Activities and a world wide network of contacts.

Our logo is a rainbow – incorporated into all our activities in beautiful ways, a sign of and hope of differences that complete each other in their diversity.
e.p.a. project logos.

We are happy to join with children, young people, women and men, who want to get playfully involved for a life of dignity and enjoy worldwide friendship.

In Hamburg e.p.a. runs eurodesk and the Europa JUGEND Büro an advice drop in for young people on youth issues and programmes.


Youth Exchange

Flensburg • Hamburg 

Germany  2022


Tirana • Durrës 

Albania  2021

Youth Exchange

Cape Coast • Accra 

Ghana  2019

Youth Exchange

Caernarfon • Liverpool 

UK  2019

Youth Exchange

Hoisdorf • Hamburg 

Germany  2019

Youth Exchange

Tatranská Lomnica • Bratislava 

Slovakia  2019