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Under the roof of «Pioneer» – Palace of Creativity and Sports (Дворец творчества и спорта «Пионер») Tyumen youth association ‘ISKRA’ was formed in 2002 and is a volunteer organisation, whose members work with young people (children, students, youth). The young volunteers are also organising activities for families.

The group tries to challenge conventional way of thinking in Russian society. Taking part in international projects allows them to learn new perspectives and transfer it into their community. ISKRA's volunteers are grateful for every opportunity to learn new things and to "unlock" their minds.

As some active ISKRA volunteers moved to St. Petersburg, there are ISKRA activities emerging in the West of Russia.


Youth Exchange

Caernarfon • Liverpool 

UK  2019



Germany  2018

Youth Exchange

Zatoka • Kiev 

Ukraine  2018

Youth Exchange

Kurgan • Tyumen 

Russia  2016

Youth Exchange

Greifswald-Wieck • Hamburg 

Germany  2015

Youth Exchange

Buxton • Liverpool 

UK  2014