MobileSchool is a hybrid organisation that uses its experience with complex and competitive street communities to increase the sustainable development of youth and business communities. With game-changing educational tools for youth workers and high-impact learning products for businesses, we strive to create a 360° impact on society and vulnerable young people worldwide. 

We fulfill our mission through two brands: StreetSmart and StreetwiZe.

With StreetSmart ( we develop game-changing tools for youth workers to enable them to unlock the potential of young people worldwide. With our integrated on- and offline offer, we invest in an opportunity-oriented methodology to maximise personal development of youngsters growing up without a safe and caretaking environment. 

StreetwiZe ( aspires to a world where every talent can flourish. That’s what gets us going each day! StreetwiZe helps companies and organisations to develop the right skills, mindset and culture to make purpose a driving force for the sustainable growth of employees, teams and organisations. The profits we make are invested in developing the talents of street children via the Mobile


Networking activity

Thessaloniki • Brussels • Hamburg 

Belgium, Germany and Greece  2021 - 2022 - 2023