Organisation for Friendship in Diversity OFD



Organisation for Friendship in Diversity OFD


The Organisation for Friendship in Diversity (OFD) is a small youth-led NGO working with children and adults from local and migrant communities, to foster a respect for diversity and promote social inclusion.

Founded in early 2009, the objective of OFD’s members has been to help cultivate friendship amidst diversity through cultural understanding. As a forward looking and enthusiastic team, OFD is constantly working to improve its methods and develop new ways to challenge social stereotypes that lead to discrimination.

OFD prides itself in being a hands-on grassroots organisation that has introduced a new youthful dynamic to community-building in Malta, with a commitment to working on a foundation of positive messages, steering clear of the traditional rhetoric that we believe has rendered people passive to this vital issue.



Durrës • Tirana 

Albania  2014

Study Seminar


Malta  2014