Prisms is a group of experienced youth workers/leaders that came together with the aim of creating an NGO that caters for the requirements of young people and those working with young people. Prisms aims to empower people with the skills, tools, information and values necessary for personal growth and to be active participants within society. Prisms provides to the necessities of the people it works with through non-formal methods of education so as to reach their needs in a holistic manner.

Since its establishment, in 2008, Prisms has embarked on numerous projects that focused on detached youth work, online tools, project management, inclusion, human rights, intercultural dialogue, coaching and mentoring. These projects have been carried out both at a national and European level and in which Prisms’ members have delivered workshops, activities, seminars and training courses. Through the years, Prisms has developed its expertise in online youth work and online tools that provide the opportunity to the youth workers to engage with young people both online and offline.

The successful implementation of the initiatives is also attributable to the fact that Prisms has always sought to create meaningful collaborations and we have thus created partnerships with the Directorate for Educational Services with the Ministry for Education and Employment, the Institute for Tourism Studies, the Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), the Platform for Human Rights Organisations in Malta (PHROM), St. Patrick’s School, the Karl Vella Foundation (which provides educational and psychological assistance to children in families disrupted by illness and the Mosta Youth Empowerment Centre among others. This ensures that the initiatives are of good quality and that they offer space for youth workers and young people to build their own and their organization capacity whilst also offering good quality youth work practices.



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