Tarlabasi Toplumunu Destekleme Demegi



Tarlabasi Toplumunu Destekleme Demegi


Protecting people live in the Tarlabasi area who are excluded from the social life and live in poverty and deprivation of fundemental rights, wiping out the biases toward Tarlabasi and raising awareness among Tarlabasi habitants in terms of violation of their rights are the most important aims of the Association for Supporting Tarlabasi Community. Tarlabasi Community Center (TTM) is a community centre with offers for young poeple and other habitants of this disadvanataged neighborhood.

They try to make equal conditions in terms of the participation of city life for young people in the Tarlabasi that is one of the versatile disadvantaged areas in Istanbul. It is a non-profit organisation and engages in right based activities since 2006. The work for rights of minorities are important in their working context. There is a big kurdish community in the neighborhood. Tarlabasi also supports the LGBTQIA+ community, which is very active in the neighborhood.




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