Turun ensi- ja turvakoti ry



Turun ensi- ja turvakoti ry


Turun ensi- ja turvakoti (Tuentu) is a registered Finnish non-profit association. They are active in youth, women, family and migration projects.

The cooperation with e.p.a. is based on their particular project with young people with migrant background and especially with unaccompanied refugee minors, who lives in the residential accommodation with pedagogical support. They continue to support the young people with their independent lifes, when they turn 18 years old and move into their own flats.

The association aims to contribute to the protection of Rights of children and young people. This is reached through different services and activities based on respect and empowerment of young people.


Youth Exchange

Flensburg • Hamburg 

Germany  2022



Finland  2018


Oeiras • Lisbon 

Portugal  2016