Uguali e Differenti



Uguali e Differenti


“Uguali e Differenti” is a group of young people, who come from Tavola Tonda near the historic Vucciria market, an old, ruined and deprived part of Palermo, where the unemployment rate is high and illegal activities are seen as “normal”.

Some years ago they were part of a community centre, born out of the will to change this situation with the city councils help and in collaboration with e.p.a., years ago the city cut and stopped all economical support.

Still a little group of young people with a youth worker decided to continue the work trying to make little steps to open people’s minds towards Europe and for different ways of thinking and acting.

They now meet as a youth initiative and have opened their arms and group for young unaccompanied refugees and are active in the network and forum antirazzista in Palermo.

They participated in many international seminars and youth exchanges. In 2016 they hosted an international youth exchange themselves.


Youth Exchange

Tettenborn • Hamburg 

Germany  2023

Youth Exchange

Prvine • Ljubljana 

Slovenia  2021



Germany  2019

Youth Exchange

Tatranská Lomnica • Bratislava 

Slovakia  2019

Youth Exchange

Madeira • Lisbon 

Portugal  2018



Germany  2018