Ulita is a provider of free time, educational, advisory, counseling and prevention services to children and young people, who have only limited access to these services.

Their main project, the Community Centre Kopčany, is located in one of the most deprived and “forgotten” areas of Bratislava. It is separated from the rest of the city by railways and industrial buildings and the neighborhood consists mostly of social buildings, where many families facing different difficulties are allowed to live for a maximum period of 5 years, having to leave the subsidized flats after that. Many of those families are from the Roma minority.

In Kopčany, Ulita draws on creative approaches in their drop-in center/youth centre and through outreach work in order to establish contact with children and young people from the area, support them in difficult life situations, and stimulate their participation in positive changes of the community.
They respect and address the real needs of young people, providing for broad scope of activities to serve the growth of young people focusing on three key aspects of their client's lives: education, leisure time and life-coping counseling.



Senec • Bratislava 

Slovakia  2023

Youth Exchange

Ceuta • Málaga 

Spain  2022

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Hungary  2022



Germany  2022

Youth Exchange

Prvine • Ljubljana 

Slovenia  2021


Tirana • Durrës 

Albania  2021