Even after several years of involvement, I still feel very privileged to be working on the knots and connections of our colourful, intercultural, international, grassroot, civil society network and helping to create good conditions for participation and involvement of young people ... playfully!


general administration | project management | youth work | Youth mobility counselling | youth participation | IT 

As a young man, Remo actually wanted to become an electrical engineer, but after completing his maths, physics and coding courses, he often drove around with a Playbus, playing and working with refugee children in accommodation centres. When his work as a volunteer youth group leader became more and more exciting, he changed university and became a social worker after all.
One day, he contacted e.p.a., asking for interesting organisations for an internship abroad and - and when certain interests and ideas coincided - he was invited to join an international e.p.a. seminar in 1999 in Newcastle (UK) to have a look around himself. He worked for a couple of months in a community centre in 'Geordieland' and since then, he has been part of the rainbow network, gained a lot of experiences and was involved to organise great projects with committed colleagues and partners in different parts of our one world. He is now happy to be able to pass on some of those experiences to a younger generation of play and youth workers.
His engineering soul is still happy when he keeps an eye on e.p.a.'s IT, that the team can rely on good functionality.


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