How Can Human Rights Be An Antidote To Social Exclusion?

Seminar 2010

19. May – 26. May

How Can Human Rights Be An Antidote To Social Exclusion?



How Can Human Rights Be An Antidote To Social Exclusion?


The e.p.a. Training Course in Thessaloniki – Greece took place in May 2010 and brought together youth workers from all over Europe to share, learn, discuss and debate issues around Youth Poverty & Violence to identify the connections and within the embrace of Human Rights, to see an antidote in challenging these issues.

As a background for the project were the riots and violence by and against youth in Greece in the last years, which showed how vulnerable peace is, even in Europe. At the same time there is a perceived increase of youth violence in many other countries with contemporary economic challenges, which also influences the life of young persons and causes youth violence to continue to be a challenge for all those trying to accompany young people and work for the modern triangle of égalité, liberté et solidarité. The main objectives of the seminar were to create the conditions to share, interact and contribute to the theme and to get an idea of Intercultural youth work, Human Rights and Peace education, as an “antidote” to youth violence and social exclusion.

The e.p.a. methodology was based on plenary and small group meetings, interactive workshops, project visits, cultural excursions and all with the hallmark of e.p.a. playful creative and innovative environment … the tried and tested e.p.a. concept of working, playing and learning together.

We are all ‘experts’ in our field and during the week of this training course we passed through the stages of the 6 P’s: presentation, proliferation, prioratisation, practicalisation, pragmatication and finally promulgation…

… or to put it more simply …

We presented ourselves and our projects, which gave us a great variety of concepts and experiences to share and discuss, we prioritised effective methods how to de-learn violence and learn skills in Human Rights, we ensured these are viable and practical in combating poverty and social exclusion, that they are pragmatic and easily accessible and then we shared them with other NGYO’s and local authorities during a day conference.

Our main partner and host ARSIS is an NGYO based in Thessaloniki / Greece. They first came to e.p.a. during the e.p.a. Training Course in Maribor / Slovenia in 2006. They participated in the e.p.a. Thematic Networking Project: All different – all equal – all empowered! Since then we have worked closely in establishing a partnership and working relationship that builds the foundation for this project.

This project is funded by

the European Union

the Council of Europe

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