Interview with Luca, One of our Young Participants on the International Youth Exchange in Slovenia, ‘Vision 20/20+’

The youth exchange ‘Vision 20/20+’ ran from the 23rd of July to the 6th of August, hosted by our partner Slovenska Filantropija.


This project brought together 58 young people from around Europe to discuss the theme ‘Visions, Challenging Borders, Creating Opportunities and Embracing Solidarity’. We decided to have an interview with Luca, from the Baui group, in Hamburg, to hear about his impressions of the exchange.

1. What was the happiest experience for you during this Exchange, the most important and the most moving one?

The feeling that I belong and that I can trust everybody. I always felt that I didn’t belong to the others. The way I look for example, I don’t wear shoes or clothes from Adidas like the others, so I was not cool enough for them, but in the exchange it doesn’t matter how you look, you will be accepted for who you are.

2. What did you learn during the Exchange?

We don’t have to create conditions to fit in; it doesn’t matter from where you are, where you come from and what you look like. You have to cross borders/boundaries to achieve your goals.

3. What did you discover from our theme: ‘Visions, Challenging Borders, Creating Opportunities and Embracing Solidarity?’

Borders have different meanings, some are good and some are bad. Borders can be good because you have your own borders that you should challenge in order to discover new things, and for me bad borders mean national borders were you cannot travel to other countries and discover new cultures.

4. Is there anything you would change or propose for the next Exchange?

I wouldn’t change anything.

5. Would you encourage your friends to take part in an International Youth Exchange? If yes, Why?

Yes, because it is an experience that you cannot describe in words.

6. Your message to the hosts: the Slovenska filantropija Team & group:

Thank you for the beautiful experiences and memories.


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